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We recognize each of your studies are unique. Companies we partner with tell us they appreciate the customized approach Viracor Eurofins takes to applying our science and service to meet the specific needs of their study’s protocols. We’re driven to help you solve difficult scientific problems, complementing your strategies with a broad test menu, assay development/validation services and the expertise and agility to manage studies of any size with exceptional turnaround time. Accelerating your vaccine, compound, immune therapy or biological from bench to market.

Should the need arise, we are able to support the tight timelines commonly associated with study rescue with our broad test menu of validated assays , rapid assay development, accelerated study initiation and testing turnaround times.

On behalf of the team I wanted to thank you for your many contributions to this trial and your flexibility in working with us on this fast-moving study. Few companies and individuals have the ability to contribute to such an invaluable goal, but even fewer rise to this opportunity. You did, and for this, we, our sites and the patients/their families are incredibly grateful.

With warmest regards, [name withheld for confidentiality], MD VP Clinical Research

I wanted to share feedback from a recent panel meeting we had that the [name withheld for confidentiality] study received some good praise. The panelist said it is "the most amazing study done in the field with the most amazing and reassuring results that were submitted to FDA." So THANK YOU ALL very much for your high quality work, timely delivery of data, and flexibility in accommodating our many requests. Your contribution is making this study successful.

Regards, [name withheld for confidentiality], MBS, MBA Outsourcing Senior Manager

Dear Viracor team, On behalf of all of us at [name withheld for confidentiality], many, many thanks for your tireless efforts and integrity. It is a pleasure working alongside you. Cheering to positive results for [name withheld for confidentiality]!

-Kind Regards, VP clinical research


Rely on innovative, specialized testing. Our R&D scientists partner with you to design, optimize, transfer and validate customized assays based on the specific needs of your protocol.  Our high-throughput clinical laboratory can support your clinical trials with fast turnaround times, large sample volumes and seamless validation and transfer.


Depend on diligence and agility. With short study set up timelines and rapid testing turnaround times, our Project Managers and Scientists act as an extension of your team – going above and beyond to get you results.


Trust in an experienced laboratory.  Your study deserves a lab that has over 30 years of specialized experience in molecular infectious disease testing, immune response monitoring, vaccine safety/efficacy assessment and allergy/hypersensitivity testing.

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