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Committed to Partnering with Transplant Professionals to Solve Challenging Problems Through Specialized Testing and Fast Results

Results In Time To Make A Difference

We know that accelerated, clinically meaningful results are critical to transplant patient outcomes.This is why we’re committed to bringing you fast, accurate results that can help you counter infections and minimize graft failure:

  • Same day results (within 8-12 hours of specimen receipt) for fungal, therapeutic anti-fungal drug monitoring assays and quantitative PCR tests for critical pathogens such as CMV, BKV, HHV-6, among others

  • Results in two to three days for CMV antiviral resistance

Experience and Service You Can Trust

  • Viracor Eurofins was one of the first laboratories in the U.S. dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of transplant patients.
  • As a specialty lab partnering with approximately 60% of U.S. transplant programs, Viracor understands the complex diagnostic challenges that can occur, and your related testing needs post-transplantation.

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